How to prevent laptop from overheating?

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We all love our laptops for everything they do. But sometimes, they get too hot while performing some tasks. You might have felt that you could cook food on it (but don’t). Also sometimes you had your laptop suddenly shut down. That’s because it’s overheating. In this article, we’ll break down why this happens, what it can do to your laptop, and why you need to stop it from happening for the sake of your laptop’s health and performance.

Understanding Laptop Overheating: Causes and Dangers

  • What are the common causes of laptop overheating?
    • The primary reason can be not sufficient airflow. If not ventilated properly, overheating can occur.
    • Also, performing intensive tasks like heavy gaming and graphics rendering.
    • Overheating can also be due to dust.
    • In rare cases, cooling systems fail.
  • Are there any risks for the laptop?
    • Yes, It can reduce performance, system instability, and battery degradation
    • Sometimes, It can do permanent damage, the data can be lost and it can lead to costly repairs
  • Why you should take care?
    • To maintain a laptop in the long run, and to ensure it gives better performance. You can also avoid laptop slowdown and crashes.

Effective Methods for Preventing Laptop Overheating

  • You need to improve the airflow below the laptop.
    • First and foremost you need to avoid soft surfaces/heat-trapping surfaces like clothes/avoid keeping them on the bed. (You can, but you need to use a laptop stand.)
    • You need to use a laptop stand or cooling pads for better airflow and to keep vents unblocked.
    • You can close the unnecessary applications running in the background.
    • The laptop works smoothly when you are under the AC and the surrounding temperature needs to be a bit cool.
  • It requires regular cleaning and maintenance.
    • If you do not clean the laptop regularly, you need to remove dust by taking a clean cloth. (you can find electronics cleaner spray in the market)
    • If it is worse, you need to replace the thermal paste.

NOTE: Software offices all over the world use air conditioners to help prevent the overheating of computers and laptops.

Recommended Tools to Keep Your Laptop Cool

  • I have done the research and found the best laptop stands to avoid overheating.
  • I do not recommend the cooling pad unless you do heavy gaming. cooling pad is costlier and does the same work as a normal stand for daily usage.
  • Recommended Laptop Stands for Home use.
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  • If you Travel More Frequent, I recommend below laptop stands.
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