What are the essential items for students traveling abroad?

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If you are travelling for the first time, there is a lot of clutter when packing the luggage. There is confusion about which items to purchase.

Below, I have covered most of the items. If you have any doubts, you can ask in the comment section.

Here is the list of all the necessary items:

1. Travel Bags -(check-in baggage/Large bags)

Most airlines allow 2 bags with a max 23kg weight each. Some flights allow 3 bags for students(please check when you book the ticket)

My suggestion:
PP bags are strong, safe and is flexible. Cloth bags has zip outer side, anyone can open and keep anything, may not be safe as PP bag.

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2. Cabin Bag(Small carry bag):

consider a small bag compared to the above one. Most airlines allow only 7kg weight(including bag).
You need to carry this bag along with you on the flight. But, sometimes if they ask you need to submit this bag along with the check-in bag.

My suggestion:
Consider PP bag or Cloth bag. Most probably this bag will be with you when travelling. Even after, you can use this as travel bag when you go to small trips.

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3. Backpack(laptop bag):

Most airlines allow laptop bags along with the above cabin bag. And they consider 7kg weight along with above cabin bag. But, airlines ignore laptop bags mostly.

Real-life scenario:
– One of my brother’s friends has exceeded this limit and has over 15kg of luggage(cabin + laptop bag). Airport staff said they allow only 10kg but he needs to pay for an extra 5kg. When he mentioned he was a student, they allowed 12kg and charged for extra 3kgs and he paid the amount for it. (Extra weight will be generally costly- almost double the courier cost).
– I would advise purchasing a backpack with strong durability. And I recommend gods, which my brother also purchased.

My suggestion:
Gods backpack(8 years warranty)(default 1 yr, register for extra 7 years when product received).
– Buy from official website ( https://www.roadgods.com/ ) to get free goodies and use coupon code GODS to get 12% discount on the checkout.
– You can buy from amazon also, but you wont receive free goodies.

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4. TSA Lock:

Full form of TSA is Transportation Security Administration. when ever you travel somewhere, there is a chance to check your bag by the security. With TSA lock airport authority can easily open the lock and check your bag. If not, there is a high chance that your bag may cut open.
– You set number password and only airport authority has public key that they can open any bag.
– If you had TSA lock, they just check and lock as it is.
– Buy this separately because check-in bags with TSA lock costs high price.
And also better to buy TSA for cabin bag aswell.

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5. Waist bag for passport/documents:

keep all the documents handy. (all the documnets taken to visa interview)
Waist bag can be fitted as belt and is very handy while travelling

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6. Sealing machine:

You need to consider purchasing sealing machine at home.
When it is for first time, there is lot of hurry. this can be used anytime at home.
Anyways when you consider outside, packaging cost will be almost comes around the machine cost. Better to buy the sealing machine.

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7. Packing covers:

Purchase thick and white covers for packing the items. at least buy 50 packs or 1/2 kg of covers.
– If you find these packing covers offline, purchase from the offline store. In the last option consider purchasing from the below link.

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8. Pressure cooker(induction based) :

Steal utensels are costlier in foreign countries. better take one from home country. In a typical household, pressure cooker is daily need.

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9. Pan(3 set – induction based):

This contains 3 types of pan used to prepare different dishes. You can cook different dishes with different utensils. Also this is induction based.

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10. Steel utensils:

Bowl for microwave – 3 or 4 bowls
induction-based milk utensil(for boiling milk) – 1 or 2
Steel plate – 2 plates
Steel spoons – 1 set

If there is an option, purchase small items offline(nearby store). You can check the quality with your hands. Otherwise you can order online from below items.

11. Medicine with prescription:

Always take prescription with the generic medicines. You can consult doctor and tell them you are travelling to abroad and they will give you prescription and generic medicines(prescription should on printed and not written)

12. Vacuum pump and cover:

While travelling , you will have limited space in the luggage bag. To store more items in little space you need to consider this item. These are really useful for international travel and to store more items in small space, especially clothes.

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13. Footwear:

When you go to the airport, wear shoes with heavy weight and keep lightweight shoes in the bag to save some weight.
– Do not compromise on the quality of shoes or sneakers

Woodland shoe – strong and you can wear for long travel.

White shoes – It looks good on any combination of clothes. For men and women, buy white shoes and the only thing is you need to maintain them regularly. From fashion wise, these are best.
Don’t buy rubber shoes, they won’t last long.

Crocs – This is the most valuable in your luggage, you can literally wear it anywhere. In my footwear, crocs are the most used and comfortable daily. If you have budget constraints, go with svaar clogs.(I use the same). These are unisex.

14. Luggage weighing scale:

You can check your luggage weight at home so that there won’t be any problem at the airport.

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15. Clothes:

Once check all the clothes you have at home, make a count. Based on that purchase only what is required.
Formal, informal, track pants, shorts, jeans and whatever is needed.
Consider a couple of traditional clothes.
For sweaters or woollen clothes – Don’t purchase from your native place, you can purchase one after you reach abroad. You can get it for less cost and more comfort.
Carry one sweater and cap handy, because inside flight will be cold.

16. Food items:

As I mentioned above the package covers and sealing machine are for this purpose.
Prepare pickles/powders at home so that you won’t miss home food abroad.
Pack with at least two/three package covers for each liquid-based item like pickle. This typically avoids any leakage.

17. Snacks/Instant food:

Not to hesitate, pack items which are ready to eat for at least a few days.
Till you get habituated to abroad food. You can easily survive a few days on home food.
If you are from India, pack all the Maggi packets where there is space in the luggage.

18. Electronics:

Earphones, power bank (Not more than 27000 mah), chargers, and mainly travel adaptor.
– Quality is really important in electronics, I have curated the below items.
– Extension box is required if you are going for the first time. Purchase which is compatible with different countries.
Do not keep them in check-in. Carry with you. Keep all the electronic items in one place, it will become easy at the security check.

19. Toiletries:

Daily used items like shampoo, soaps, hair oil, sunscreen, comb and nail cutter.
– If you are from India, consider mamaearth for chemical-free products.
Go to mamaearth and use referral code SDGBCDBEQ to get Rs.100 in wallet.
or you can buy on amazon from the below items.

20. Earplugs:

This is not mandatory but very safe to keep it handy.
Some people may feel dizzy or uncomfortable due to pressure differences in their ears. For safety reasons, this is recommended.

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21. Stationery:

You can purchase Books, pens, pencils, a sharpener, an eraser and all needed for your studies.

22. International currency:

When you take a foreign travel card from a bank, ask them to provide International currency too.

23. Laptop:

Most of the colleges give students a laptop for the course of study but do not completely depend on this.
In any case, If you have a high-performance laptop, consider it to take with you. Otherwise better to purchase after going abroad.

Please avoid below items:

  1. white-coloured food items like salt, white rice, and sugar.
  2. Some countries keep restrictions on pulses and grains
  3. Most of the countries ban the farming produce like vegetables and fruits.
    (For imports and exports of the above products, companies  have proper licences)
  4. Any flammable items like perfumes, or deodorants.
  5. Most of the airlines do not allow outside water bottles. Not to worry, they will provide water during the flight. You can carry an empty water bottle.

Please check the above items with the airlines and the country you are visiting.


  • Check the dimensions of the baggage when you purchase to align with airline’s baggage conditions.
  • please do remember to take a little flexible bag(when you press on top, it should not too thick or too thin)
  • Do not keep pickles and powders in the cabin bag. Keep them in check-in luggage.
  • As there is a maximum weight limit, you and your roommates can share common things instead of bringing everyone everything. (like a pressure cooker, iron box, shared utensils, mixer grinder).
  • Everything can be found there – not to worry much(but a bit expensive)

All the above items I mentioned are based on my knowledge and experience. When my brother went to higher studies from India to USA, we considered purchasing all the above items.

In case if you want to add anything to this list or ask something, please do comment or reach me out on email.

Email: Sujith@GadgetsGala.com

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