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Skin Disorders? Tamanu Soap Bar For Skin Healing

About the product:

(3.35 ounces or 95 grams)

Anti-Inflammatory & Antibacterial:

Skin Disorders? This soap bar will help to soothe irritation and skin redness.

At the same time, its anti-bacterial properties help to clean and heal your skin and fight with acne.

The Tamanu Oil will help with inflammatory skin disorders such as dermatitis, psoriasis, and eczema.

Natural, high-quality Ingredient:

It is the best handmade soap with pure Tamanu Oil and our high-quality Virgin Coconut Oil.

Its natural ingredients help to keep your skin tone balanced.

In this natural organic soap, Tamanu Oil helps to recover skin disorders such as acne, fight with scars, and other dark spots.

Best Tamanu Soap: 

This soap bar provides natural cleansing benefits to your skin, face, and body.

It is helpful to refresh all skin types.

It helps to heal the skin pores as well as keep it moisturize and hydrate.

With the little amount of virgin coconut oil, you can nourish your skin deeply and it also gives a natural glow and texture to your skin.

Keeps Skin Moisturized: 

Many skin soaps dry your skin to clean it, but by using our homemade organic Tamanu soap bar, you will feel your skin nourished, clean, and soft.

In addition, one important thing to remove skin disorders is to keep your skin clean and nourished with natural ingredients.

In short, the Tamanu soap bar is useful in skin healing, and it can also help you in skin disorders.

Reduce the Sign of Aging: 

Good skin health always begins with a great soap.  

In the organic Tamanu soap bar, you will find pure Tamanu Oil and our high-quality Virgin Coconut Oil that is popular to fight against the aging signs.

These natural ingredients are necessary to recover the skin disorders.

Try this homemade Tamanu soap bar and cleanse your skin with its natural ingredients.


Lye, Virgin Coconut Oil & Tamanu Oil


Product of Vanuatu


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