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natural oils for hair growth, Coconut oil treatment

Natural Oils For Hair Growth – Coconut Oil Hair Treatment


About the product:

(4.56 ounces or 135ml)

When it comes to moisturizing, hydrating and nourishing the rough, dry, and weak hairs, then natural oils is the best option for hair growth.

As coconut oil treatment seals the hair cuticle that helps to keep your hair stronger And work incredibly well to repair the damaged hairs.

Our hairs require Coconut Oil Hair Treatment to keep them healthy, silky, and stronger.

Coconut oil moisturizer, nourish the scalps and recover the damaged hairs.

Natural hair oils gives a new life to weak, rough, and dry hairs.

use NATURAL oils for hair growth, it will help your hair to grow faster.


  • Coconut natural hair oil moisturize your hairs deeper than any other artificial product. It repairs damaged hairs, protects from sun damage.
  • Coconut hair products make your hair thicker, shinier, smooth, and provide health to your hair scalps or hair cuticles.
  • Remove dandruff, reduce hair fall, and best for dry, rough hairs.
  • Coconut natural hair oil best for hair growth as it increases hair growth by getting into the follicles.


Comb through and leave this natural oil for an hour for hair growth.

For better results, massage a small amount of coconut hair oil through your hair scalps and let it sit for overnight or a few hours before washing your hairs.

Coconut hair conditioner and coconut hair mask, hair moisturizer, hair oils, and coconut hair products are perfect for dry, blonde, brittle, short, curly, and long sexy hairs.

You can use these products after using the straightener, curler, hair color, or hair spray.

  • By using coconut hair conditioner you can restore the moisturizer of dry hairs and depending on your hair type, you can also create curls by applying coconut hair oil and leaving it all day.
  • in other words, Don’t forget to use only natural oils for hair growth.

A traditional Melanesian Coconut Oil Hair product!


Aqua, Virgin Coconut Oil (Cocus Nucifera) and Geogard ECT.

It’s made from Vanuatu’s finest Virgin coconut oil which gives nutrients and minerals that are necessary for hair growth.


Product Of Vanuatu

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